Article 3: Clarity, Courage and Power Leadership Action Series

Has CUSTOMER SERVICE completely been ERADICATED?!?! I just had the most HORRIBLE experience!

A few days ago, a client reached out via email desperately needing my help. Of course, I was eager to take care of them. They needed a replacement DVD…FAST! You could feel the desperation oozing from her email. I reassured her that I would take care of them and get another DVD out in no time.

Of course, as technology would have it, I ran into a couple of technological challenges. While the DVD was going through it final completion phase, I looked for a location that had a late pick-up. Success!!! There was a 7:30pm pick up thirty minutes up the road! I jumped on my motorcycle and was triumphantly walking into the store at 7:03pm! I immediately asked the rep if I still had enough time to ship my package overnight to an international destination. She quickly replied yes and told me to fill out the purple form.

I waited patiently for her to finish up with several customers. As she typed my info into the computer, she said, “Oh…this is going to CANADA.” I responded with, “Yup, that’s why I asked about international shipping when I first walked in!” She apologized and stated I needed to fill out the green form because it was for international packages. At this point, I got a little perturbed because I had spent a fair amount of time filling out the form, had to wait for her to wait on several customers after that, and I was up against the cutoff time.

I quickly filled out the next form and couldn’t believe what my ears heard next, “Your package might not be able to go out tonight.” “What!!!”, I exclaimed!!! Then she stated I needed to fill out an additional form because it was a DVD. After a few seconds, she nonchalantly stated, it won’t make it out tonight. I was LIVID! I could feel the rage boiling up in my body!

I had spent hours reproducing a DVD, drove 30, arrived with 30 minutes to spare and rode my motorcycle back home with the DVD in my pocket… and a sales rep that gave a lethargic apology. What is the point of this article tonight? Sometimes we can be VERY clear about what we want, but we also need the right actions to help create our success. I could have started on the DVD earlier in the day, arrived at the shipping store earlier, read the labels myself and picked out the right one in the beginning. What has been reinforced for me is that I need to plan accordingly, to enable me to complete my tasks even in the face of emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.

Yes, this situation could have totally avoided had I taken different actions. Honestly, the worst part for me was the rep acted like she just didn’t care whether my package made it or not. Everyone is a customer service rep, especially when we’re on the front lines interacting with them directly. How are YOU treating your clients? Internal and external? You HAVE permission to Engage… #Cleared Hot!

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