Clarity, Courage and Power Leadership Action Series Article 1

“Something GOOD’s gota come outa this!” Dr. Falls, my great-grandmother

“We’re all here just to bless each other and help each other,” Great-Uncle James

“Acknowledge the obstacles, DON’T give them power!” FlyGirl

“Do what average people do, HAVE what average people HAVE. I don’t want to be average. Do YOU?!” Me again! 🙂
These are just a sampling of the concepts that I have lived my life by. What is your “by” word or phrase? What values and beliefs do you live your life “by”? This leadership action series is going to dive deep into my message targeting Clarity, Courage and Power. These three core components combined lay the foundation for amazing breakthroughs in your life otherwise known as living the life of your dreams!

I believe:
1. Clarity is an attitude and an expectation.
2. Courage is having the power to leave the familiar.
3. Power is organized effort.

When you are conscious of how you utilize these three components, or what I call components of a successful flight plan, you are able to do the one thing I believe we all want deep down inside…to live the lives we really want! But, in order to LIVE the lives of our dreams we have to take action. Words can say anything, but ACTIONS tell the truth. Let me say that again. Your WORDS can say anything, but your ACTIONS will tell the truth. What do your actions say about you? What are the results of your actions? Before you answer that question, take a QUICK look around at the fruits of your labor. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look far, it’s where you are in life right now!

Do you really think when we were little kids we said we wanted to grow up and be an adult who settled in life? If you aren’t working on YOUR dream, you’re working on someone else’s. Whether you are completely dissatisfied, complacent and comfortable or pretty pleased with the life you have, you have the opportunity (Right Now!) to seize the opportunity and live your dreams…the life you were truly meant to live. Isn’t it about time you kicked you’re efforts into high gear to accomplish what it is that YOU really want out of YOUR life?

So, jump into the cockpit with me. Share your thoughts and let’s turn this into a Cleared Hot conversation! If you have specific topics you would like me to address inside of my main message in 300-500 words, make a comment on ANY blog post at any time. Heck, you can even post it on my Facebook wall! You HAVE permission to Engage…Cleared Hot!

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