Hey FlyPeeps, I’m back in the cockpit. Get Gutsy with me!

I haven’t posted a blog post in over two years. It’s time to get back to it. In this time of social media “EVERYTHING” and “ALL THE TIME”, I think I needed an opportunity to just let go. Let go and be a mom. Let go and move to Atlanta. Let go and buy our family home. Let go and get married. Let go and take care of my family. Let go and GROW! Well, expansion achieved! In the upcoming days and months, you’ll see me making some big professional Gutsy Moves, now that house and home are taken care of:) Do you have a Gutsy Move that you want to take action on?! What is it? And if you aren’t ready to take the leap, what’s holding you back?!

Becoming a mom, my best Gutsy Move yet!!!!!!


Courageous Possibilities: CCP Leadership Action Series

What legacy are YOU leaving? Sometimes seeing the possibilities takes courage. Enjoy the video 🙂


2012 is OUR YEAR!

Many of you have been asking for this and it has finally arrived.  2012 is OUR YEAR!

Let’s go CLEARED HOT together!  Click on the video below and unwrap your package!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S.  I also added a little recap of 2011.

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Be Average!

If you happen to get my personal voice mail, you’ll hear me say, “Do what average people do, you’ll have what average people have.”   It’s one of my favorite quotes of all time.

The new year is just around the corner, and maybe you’ve already taken some time to set some goals for yourself.  If you have, AWESOME!  If you haven’t, there’s still time to get your flight plan ready for 2012:

  1. Do your goals include finding a new job or starting a new project?  Be sure to announce your plans with a high-speed flyover.  You’ll find that people will come out of the woodwork to help you. How can anyone give you guidance, make introductions, or offer advice if they don’t know what you’re up to?  This is also a great way of holding yourself accountable for results!
  2. Get specific.  For instance, don’t just say, “I’m looking for a job,” but be more detailed:  “I’m an expert recipe developer” or “I make award-winning cocktails” or “I’m planning to use my skills as a photographer and open a portrait studio.”

Can you recall a situation where you said, “I am going to do whatever it takes and nothing will stop me?”  That is thinking with a breakthrough mentality, which simply means you absolutely REFUSE to settle in the smallest of moments and demand a breakthrough life. This is the first step in rising above being “average.”  You can do it, but you need to step out of your usual comfort zone.  Try something different, new, exciting, or even a little scary!

It’s this kind of thinking and determination that will bring you that much closer to your next job or anything you’ve set as a goal or aspiration!

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Preventing Obstacles on the Road to Success

As a combat pilot, I learned that it’s extremely important to check for damage to the aircraft and identify the kind of repairs needed, as well as review the mission to see what can be better executed the next time.

If you want to make changes in your life – personally, professionally, etc. – you need to take a good look at the “repairs” you need to make within you to make the changes happen.

You can do this by gathering your crew or ask your “wingman” to provide you with real and honest feedback.  What are your weaknesses?  What improvements can be made?  What strengths can you offer and own completely?

Remember that failure is not your final destination – you must keep pushing forward!

To get past the obstacles, use this 4-step plan:

  1. Avoid making excuses
  2. Commit to the commitment
  3. Take action – no matter how minor it may seem
  4. Review, recharge, and re-attack

A breakthrough mentality creates a breakthrough life. There’s no such thing as a dream out of reach or a goal that’s unobtainable. Turn your aspirations into action and create a path that will get you out of your rut. You’re not stuck; you’re just not moving.

Who needs a runway?  Take off from where you are!

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Create a Flight Plan

If you can identify your passions – what excites YOU and makes you want to take action – you will find your purpose in life. Doing this, in fact, it is the only way to get on the launchpad. Have you ever heard saying “Find a job you enjoy, and you’ll never work a day in your life”? That is so true! Some of the most successful people are the ones who are doing what they are passionate about, day in and day out. To them, it’s not even work.

Everyone (yes, that means YOU!) has at least one passion in life, if not more. Finding your passion and creating your flight plan are the first steps in making an impact and going from Zero to Breakthrough in your career and in your life.

Here are a few things you can do to create that breakthrough:

  1. Don’t beat your head against the wall, trying to fit into someone else’s box doing something you don’t like
  2. Choose paths that suit your talents, interests and personality
  3. Think of something that gives you that feeling of “YES! I love when I’m doing ________.”

When you have sheer umph for what you’re doing, it will take you a million times further than the person who’s just in it for some external reason – money, fame or family pressure.

Think back to when you were a kid and what you wanted to be when you grew up.  Maybe when you were 7 or 8, you didn’t know how you would become a doctor or a professional speaker or an entrepreneur.  As a friend of mine, Michelle Villalobos, said, “Absolutely do not worry about the ‘how.’ Concentrate on what you want; worry about the ‘how’ after the goal and vision have been created.”


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