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Do Limiting Beliefs Keep You Living Small and Safe When Your Gut Is Screaming GO BIG?

3-Part Video Series

The higher you fly, the bigger the risk, but staying grounded isn’t a choice for you either because you want more and know you deserve the life you desire.


Do you…


Stay in an unfulfilling job you feel comfortable with because you’re the “breadwinner” and you think you have to for your family?

Think it’s irresponsible or impulsive to change your career or steer away from your current path?
Feel like you need permission before you can make a big, bold life-changing move?
Know you want more but something is holding you back from taking the bolder, braver actions that will fulfill you on all levels?

If that’s you my friend, you won’t want to miss the GET GUTSY – NO LIMITS video series when I dispel 3 limiting beliefs that keep you from living BIG and explain how you can make your next BIG, GUTSY MOVE to propel you toward the life you want.

During the 3-part video series you will:

Finally admit what you really want in your life (even if it feels risky or scary)

Discover why a gutsy move requires a strategic plan (it’s not at all impulsive)

Realize that the only person you need permission from to make Big, Bold Gutsy moves is YOURSELF (you with me?)

Understand why getting gutsy is a requirement for getting what you really want in your life (and career)

Meet Vernice “Flygirl” Armour

America’s first Black female combat pilot, beat officer in ATL, two combat tours in Iraq, yup, those all took guts. But my gutsiest move was leaving all of that behind– a secure paycheck, benefits, a guaranteed JOB– to pursue the path my gut was telling me to take.

It takes guts to do what you know is right for you even when everyone else is telling you it won’t work, it’s a crazy idea, or that you will fail.

However, your Gutsy Move isn’t a haphazard decision. It starts with kicking limiting beliefs to the curb and coming up with a strategy so you can live big, navigate around obstacles, and make your dreams and goals a reality.

The Gutsy Move

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