What Do You Really Want?

Take a moment right now and ask yourself the following questions. What do you really want out of your life? What do you want for your role in your company? What do you want your journey to look like? Do you want to take on a specific project? If so, will it be working toward your career goals and objectives? How do you want to arrive at the end of your journey and how do you want to look and feel when you get there?

These questions asked and answered up front can easily increase the enjoyment of your journey in creating your breakthrough career. Remember, it is okay not to know how you are going to get there in the very beginning. In fact, if your vision or dream is big enough, there is a very good chance you will not know how to reach your desired end state, but the answers are just a step away. Once you have the main question of “What you really want” answered, it is time to craft a plan to make it happen.

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2 Responses to “What Do You Really Want?”

  1. Vernice,

    Thanks for all you do for your sister Veterans and congratulations on the success of youe book!!

    Please send me the video code to embed on my site, your payment link, book photo, and anything else you would like to say about Zero to Breakthrough. I would like to add it to my site to help promotion!


  2. Joanna Walling:


    I’m reading your book right now, you’ve inspired me to get moving. Here’s what I want – I want to be fit, I want a college degree, and I want a very good job (I was laid off in July of this year). Here’s what I’m doing about it – am studying your book, working out 5 days a week, and have mappped out a healthy eating plan, school begins in Jan to continue working on a Criminal Justice degree.

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