It’s OFFICIAL…My First Book, Zero to Breakthrough, Was Released Today!

Well, I think the video says it all. Make sure you catch the end to find out about the surprise I’m making sure EVERYONE gets…of course it’s near the end. Thank you for all the support and encouragement through this process. It has truly been amazing!

So, this is my EMOTIONAL video….enjoy!

I hope you liked it!

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3 Responses to “It’s OFFICIAL…My First Book, Zero to Breakthrough, Was Released Today!”

  1. Linda Fulton:

    Vernice, thanks so much for giving the keynote address to the District 36, Washington DC Toastmasters group on Saturday, May 7. It was terrific, and I have already started reading your book! I plan to accomplish all my goals using your 7-Step Battle-Tested method. Thanks again!! Linda

  2. Kim:

    Vernice! Thank you! I feel so fortunate to have seen you on television the other day. Being prior Navy, I even MORE stoked and excited about your accomplishments, your book, and what I can take from both to get to where I want to be. Again, thank you! I may never meet you, but just know….you have made an impact!

  3. Johnnie:

    Congratulations on your book “Zero to Breakthrough”.

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