Hey FlyPeeps, I’m back in the cockpit. Get Gutsy with me!

I haven’t posted a blog post in over two years. It’s time to get back to it. In this time of social media “EVERYTHING” and “ALL THE TIME”, I think I needed an opportunity to just let go. Let go and be a mom. Let go and move to Atlanta. Let go and buy our family home. Let go and get married. Let go and take care of my family. Let go and GROW! Well, expansion achieved! In the upcoming days and months, you’ll see me making some big professional Gutsy Moves, now that house and home are taken care of:) Do you have a Gutsy Move that you want to take action on?! What is it? And if you aren’t ready to take the leap, what’s holding you back?!

Becoming a mom, my best Gutsy Move yet!!!!!!

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