Hey FlyPeeps, I’m back in the cockpit. Get Gutsy with me!

I haven’t posted a blog post in over two years. It’s time to get back to it. In this time of social media “EVERYTHING” and “ALL THE TIME”, I think I needed an opportunity to just let go. Let go and be a mom. Let go and move to Atlanta. Let go and buy our family home. Let go and get married. Let go and take care of my family. Let go and GROW! Well, expansion achieved! In the upcoming days and months, you’ll see me making some big professional Gutsy Moves, now that house and home are taken care of:) Do you have a Gutsy Move that you want to take action on?! What is it? And if you aren’t ready to take the leap, what’s holding you back?!

Becoming a mom, my best Gutsy Move yet!!!!!!


As A Man Thinketh, So He Is…

Clarity Courage and Power Leadership Action Series – Article 4

I didn’t say this in my first article, but I have made a serious commitment to post at least 300 words or a 2 ½ minute video to my blog every day (Mon-Fri) from now to Dec 31st. If I miss a day, there is a serious consequence to go along with this serious commitment; I have to wear a DRESS instead of my flight suite for all my presentations during one month in early 2013!!! Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a dress, would it be fair to say it just doesn’t go with the FlyGirl brand?!?!

Why did I make the decision to write an article or shoot a video every day? Because I KNEW I needed to take action every day to move me toward my goal. Goal this year? Break 7 figures! I have invested in coaching, but all the coaching in the WORLD does NOTHING if you don’t put the WORK behind it. The best persona training means NOTHING if YOU don’t do the push-ups! So, I’m doing the push-ups FlyPeeps. I have also committed to conducting one Live or Internet based talk once a week to my network or someone else’s. Lastly, I will be reaching out to people with radio and TV shows to share the messages of Breakthrough Mentality and Clarity Courage and POWER! If you have recommendations, please send them my way!

I said it in my first posting and I’ll continue to say it…share your thoughts with me and let’s turn this into a Cleared Hot conversation! Send me the specific topics you’d like to talk about with reference to Clarity Courage and Power!

I’m closing this out with a BANG! I have been reading “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen. I always knew this Ultra Short read was amazing, but no matter how many times I read it, it continues to blow my mind…the dude was DEEP!!! You HAVE permission to Engage…Cleared Hot!
Enjoy, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Thought and Character

The aphorism, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,” not only embraces the whole of a man’s being, but is so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition and circumstance of his life. A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.
As the plant springs from, and could not be without, the seed, so every act of a man springs from the hidden seeds of thought, and could not have appeared without them. This applies equally to those acts called “spontaneous” and “unpremeditated” as to those which are deliberately executed.
Act is the blossom of thought, and joy and suffering are its fruits; thus does a man garner in the sweet and bitter fruitage of his own husbandry.

This is a pic of me THINKING! LOL….



“WHAT did she just say?!?!?!”

Article 3: Clarity, Courage and Power Leadership Action Series

Has CUSTOMER SERVICE completely been ERADICATED?!?! I just had the most HORRIBLE experience!

A few days ago, a client reached out via email desperately needing my help. Of course, I was eager to take care of them. They needed a replacement DVD…FAST! You could feel the desperation oozing from her email. I reassured her that I would take care of them and get another DVD out in no time.

Of course, as technology would have it, I ran into a couple of technological challenges. While the DVD was going through it final completion phase, I looked for a location that had a late pick-up. Success!!! There was a 7:30pm pick up thirty minutes up the road! I jumped on my motorcycle and was triumphantly walking into the store at 7:03pm! I immediately asked the rep if I still had enough time to ship my package overnight to an international destination. She quickly replied yes and told me to fill out the purple form.

I waited patiently for her to finish up with several customers. As she typed my info into the computer, she said, “Oh…this is going to CANADA.” I responded with, “Yup, that’s why I asked about international shipping when I first walked in!” She apologized and stated I needed to fill out the green form because it was for international packages. At this point, I got a little perturbed because I had spent a fair amount of time filling out the form, had to wait for her to wait on several customers after that, and I was up against the cutoff time.

I quickly filled out the next form and couldn’t believe what my ears heard next, “Your package might not be able to go out tonight.” “What!!!”, I exclaimed!!! Then she stated I needed to fill out an additional form because it was a DVD. After a few seconds, she nonchalantly stated, it won’t make it out tonight. I was LIVID! I could feel the rage boiling up in my body!

I had spent hours reproducing a DVD, drove 30, arrived with 30 minutes to spare and rode my motorcycle back home with the DVD in my pocket… and a sales rep that gave a lethargic apology. What is the point of this article tonight? Sometimes we can be VERY clear about what we want, but we also need the right actions to help create our success. I could have started on the DVD earlier in the day, arrived at the shipping store earlier, read the labels myself and picked out the right one in the beginning. What has been reinforced for me is that I need to plan accordingly, to enable me to complete my tasks even in the face of emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.

Yes, this situation could have totally avoided had I taken different actions. Honestly, the worst part for me was the rep acted like she just didn’t care whether my package made it or not. Everyone is a customer service rep, especially when we’re on the front lines interacting with them directly. How are YOU treating your clients? Internal and external? You HAVE permission to Engage… #Cleared Hot!


Create a Flight Plan

If you can identify your passions – what excites YOU and makes you want to take action – you will find your purpose in life. Doing this, in fact, it is the only way to get on the launchpad. Have you ever heard saying “Find a job you enjoy, and you’ll never work a day in your life”? That is so true! Some of the most successful people are the ones who are doing what they are passionate about, day in and day out. To them, it’s not even work.

Everyone (yes, that means YOU!) has at least one passion in life, if not more. Finding your passion and creating your flight plan are the first steps in making an impact and going from Zero to Breakthrough in your career and in your life.

Here are a few things you can do to create that breakthrough:

  1. Don’t beat your head against the wall, trying to fit into someone else’s box doing something you don’t like
  2. Choose paths that suit your talents, interests and personality
  3. Think of something that gives you that feeling of “YES! I love when I’m doing ________.”

When you have sheer umph for what you’re doing, it will take you a million times further than the person who’s just in it for some external reason – money, fame or family pressure.

Think back to when you were a kid and what you wanted to be when you grew up.  Maybe when you were 7 or 8, you didn’t know how you would become a doctor or a professional speaker or an entrepreneur.  As a friend of mine, Michelle Villalobos, said, “Absolutely do not worry about the ‘how.’ Concentrate on what you want; worry about the ‘how’ after the goal and vision have been created.”



Snowboarding or Snowfalling???

This is just a sneak peak!!! Cool or what? I’ve ALWAYS wanted to snowboard, and had NO IDEA how much I would be falling!!! When you fall, how do YOU get back up?!?!

Come join us in “The ReadyRoom” after you check out my vid! One Mission, One Goal One Team!!!


It’s OFFICIAL…My First Book, Zero to Breakthrough, Was Released Today!

Well, I think the video says it all. Make sure you catch the end to find out about the surprise I’m making sure EVERYONE gets…of course it’s near the end. Thank you for all the support and encouragement through this process. It has truly been amazing!

So, this is my EMOTIONAL video….enjoy!

I hope you liked it!


What Do You Really Want?

Take a moment right now and ask yourself the following questions. What do you really want out of your life? What do you want for your role in your company? What do you want your journey to look like? Do you want to take on a specific project? If so, will it be working toward your career goals and objectives? How do you want to arrive at the end of your journey and how do you want to look and feel when you get there?

These questions asked and answered up front can easily increase the enjoyment of your journey in creating your breakthrough career. Remember, it is okay not to know how you are going to get there in the very beginning. In fact, if your vision or dream is big enough, there is a very good chance you will not know how to reach your desired end state, but the answers are just a step away. Once you have the main question of “What you really want” answered, it is time to craft a plan to make it happen.


Stop Making Excuses…go from Zero to Breakthrough!

We all think of things to keep us from doing what we need to do. Prime example…just as I was moving into this first point I thought, “I don’t have my computer accessible to type, so maybe I should wait until later.” Procrastination had just reared its head…

I’d been sitting on my plane over three hours for what was supposed to be a one hour flight. Our departure was delayed due to bad weather at our destination. Thirty minutes later, you heard the captain’s voice come over the intercom. From the moment he started speaking, you could hear from the tone of his voice that it wasn’t going to be good news. Bad weather was now rolling into our area and we were going to be delayed for at least another 45 minutes. You couldn’t help but hear all the groans from everyone on the plane.

An hour and a half later, when it was finally time for us to take off, I was shutting my computer down when I noticed I was in the red with only 11% on my battery. I would have no choice, I’d be writing for the remainder of this flight.

As I sat in my seat, waiting to take off, I took out my notebook and started to jot down some ideas. As I wrote, I began to feel stuck! Stuck because I hadn’t done or accomplished many of the things I’d wanted to accomplish when it comes to being productive on a daily basis. Then I thought, hey…wait a minute!!! I was supposed to be the Breakthrough Guru right?!?!? What was going on? Then I realized I wasn’t stuck, I just wasn’t moving! I hadn’t been taking action, but it looked more like procrastination! I decided to act…NOW!

I flipped to a fresh piece of paper and started to write. It felt great! I had finished writing the bullet points to getting unstuck and was moving on to writing the main body of the article when I stopped and said, “But it would be better for me to write on my computer. I can edit, I can type faster than I can write, I’d be able to save it, it would be neater, and I won’t have to transcribe it later” (as I’m doing right now) and on, and on, and on… After ALMOST entertaining that thought process, I stopped in my tracks and told myself to WRITE! NOW! Move into action…NOW!

The bottom line is, STOP MAKING EXCUSES, and just move forward into action! Conditions will probably always look better at another time. Look back on opportunities you’ve taken or lost. Were the conditions optimal? Probably not. Just remember, you have traded a day of your life for the actions you’ve chosen to take, OR NOT TO TAKE. We all have choices. Choose to move…NOW!

You HAVE Permission to Engage!

I respect your time and will only provide you with information, tips, tactics and proven battle tested strategies to create HUGE Breakthroughs in your life!

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